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Payment & Refunds

Permissions & Copyright

• Please use the order form under the "Order" tab to place a commission order.

• Please allow up to 3 days for a response, especially if you ordered on a weekend or holiday.

• Please provide detailed description of what you want. Pictures are appreciated, but not necessary.

• In case of emotes or badges- If you do not have a fully formed idea, I can do a consultation with you via Discord DMs to work out an idea for a extra fee of $15. Please remain active in the conversation during the consultation when figuring out your design as waiting hours or days for your response will severely delay your commission.

• If you need/want the order to be rushed or processed quicker or bumped up in line, the fee is 50% of the overall ending price of the commission to prioritize you. I require at least five days advance notice for rush orders.

• I do not accept requests for rush orders after you have already made the order and paid the first half.

• I will keep you in the loop throughout the commission process. Please be aware that this means sketch approval, line and base color and final shading for approval. All of these will be sent to you either in discord or via email with a smaller watermarked copy for you to approve.

• Please be conscious of your chosen form of communication and respond in a timely manner as taking days to respond to me about each approval will impact the time it takes to complete.

• All revisions for pose or overall look should be made in the sketch stage- minor edits are provided for free. If I have to make large changes that affect 50% or more of the initial sketch, an additional fee will be charged. Fees will be determined at time pertaining to the circumstance.

• Upon completion, you will receive the finished product via email or a .zip file via email or discord (your preference).

• Immediate color changes are given free as needed. Later color changes will receive an additional $15 fee for the overall time and work. No major edits or redos are offered once the artwork is paid for, finished and sent.

•  All prices are listed in USD$. Please have funds available before you order. Placing an order and then not having the funds to pay will cause delays and is unfair to other commissioners. This is not a 'first come, first reserve' in that if you do not have immediate funds, I will not wait for you.

• Prices are non-negotiable. I know it's inconvenient with exchange rate for some countries, but lowering my rates to make it more accessible for your country would be unfair to myself and other customers.

• You will be required to pay 50% of the commission total up front and another 50% once the sketch is completed.

• Payment is processed via PayPal invoice (so an email will be required). This is non-negotiable.

• I don't accept payments via gift cards.

• Do not send funds before I have accepted the commission.

• Initial payment is non-refundable. If I have not started on your work, you may cancel at any time and I will gladly refund you your payment, but if I have finished a sketch, the payment will not be returned. You are paying me for my time and efforts, but you will not receive any further invoices after cancelling.

• In the event of a cancellation, if you change your mind, you will not be able to ask for your slot back in line. Once you leave, you must re-submit your request and will be added to the queue in order of your submission.

• By default, there is no set deadline for commissions unless previously discussed or otherwise noted on your commission order.

• I am, like you, only human and take mandatory days off (weekends & holiday's) and sick days when necessary. If an event or illness will be affecting your commission, so long as I am able, I will reach out to you to keep you in the loop.

• Until full payment has been made, I (Julie, odduckOasis), the artist, retain the rights and creative ownership to the finished artwork. Upon full payment, you will obtain ownership of the finished artwork/files to use and distribute as you see fit. 

• I retain the right to use the completed project for the use(s) of promoting my work, ie displaying on social media, online portfolios and in videos or live streams. Any sensitive information will be removed prior to posting.

• If you would like to make any edits on the commission yourself, please contact me beforehand. I am usually okay with small edits, such as adding a hat or holiday item to an emote, but would like to be informed first.

• Do not ask another artist to edit my artwork. If you need an edit, please refer to me first.

• You are allowed to freely use your commission for: Icons, wallpapers or any graphics on your social medias.

• If you desire/wish to put your commissioned designs on merchandise to sell, you need not ask permission, but as many emotes and badges are created in a small size, they will not resize well for merch and you will need to contact me to get a larger size made. Doing said redo will incur a fee for my time. Fees vary per design.

• It is common courtesy to credit back to either my website [http://odduckoasis.wixsite.com/oasisink], Twitter or Instagram [@odduckOasis] when your commission is being displayed publicly.

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